Feed Me Creative is a culinary content studio specializing in recipe development, food styling, and photography. We also build great looking websites, create enduring brand identities, and do a bunch of other really important marketing stuff. While we mainly work with food and drink brands, publications, restaurants, and bars, we’ll work with anyone hungry for more business.

Jeff Akin, Culinary Director

Jeff is a man of many interests, though his greatest passion (after his wife, daughter, family, friends, writing, cooking, photography, travel, ice cream, the ocean, the mountains, documentary films, argyle socks, and racquet sports) is marketing.

Jeff graduated from the University of Kansas twice (the state has decreed him to be both a Bachelor of General Studies and a Master of Science) and dropped out of culinary school once. He worked as a dishwasher, line cook, server, and chef before his totally rational fear of falling headfirst into a deep fryer overtook him, forcing him out of the kitchen and into integrated marketing.

Jeff has more than 15 years experience as a copywriter, photographer, and creative director, and is a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Kansas, Avila University, and the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He is also the founder and president of Westwork Content + Design, a digital brand agency in Kansas City, MO.


Grace Pritchett, Content Manager

Grace is a photographer by choice, a videographer by trade, and an organizer from birth. Her early 20-something thinking has allowed Feed Me Creative’s content department to operate like the well-oiled skillet that it is. She enjoys cooking in the kitchen as much as she enjoys crafting a story around it.

Grace graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s in Design, emphasis in Photography, and minors in Art History and French, making her an expert on things that no one asks about. Grace has several years experience in photography, videography, social media marketing, and writing witty Instagram captions. Her work can be seen on the walls of her parent’s house.

Grace lives in Brookside with her elliptical machine and a few plants. One day, she’s hoping to master chopsticks (the eating tool, not the piano piece.)